How Ugly Betty Changed My Life

When I began watching the Ugly Betty series a month ago, I was a teeny tiny bit sceptical. I mean, we can all tell behind Betty’s unique style choices she is definitely 100% NOT ‘ugly’ (look at her super cute smile people!) But, seeing as I was 10 years behind the rest of the world, I decided to take a leap of faith and I can honestly say this was one of the best couch potato decisions I have made to date.

In a time of my life where I felt out of place; transitioning between becoming an adult and desperately wanting to cling to my youth – I felt an infinity with Betty. And even though the storylines were a tad cheesy and obvious (I secretly loved it) the situations in Betty’s life reflected a sense of my reality. I could relate to her emotions; admiring how she (99%) took the high road, and cringing and learning with her when she messed up (metaphorically crashing and burning at the side of the before mentioned road).

But surprisingly Ugly Betty taught me that ITS OKAY to mess up sometimes. IT’S OKAY to wear the ‘ugliest poncho ever’ (though tbh that poncho is totally hipster and pretty funky…coachella idea for next year?) IT’S OKAY to dance by yourself at a party. IT’S OKAY to freak out when your ex-boyfriend gets a new girlfriend (AMEN to that) but that it’s also OKAY to move on. IT’S OKAY that you are different and unique…that you should stay true to yourself no matter what life throws your way. And it’s TOTALLY OKAY to chase your dreams and be career driven. Power to the single, independent women out there!!

Seeing Betty grow reminded me that it is okay that I don’t have everything figured out yet – that I have time. She taught me how important it is grab an opportunity with both hands; not to be afraid of failing, because sometimes that’s how we learn best. But most essentially, to never lose sight of my goals.

My advice to any 20/30-something is to PLS watch this series – especially if you are feeling lost in yourself. Maybe you have just gotten out of a relationship, or you are thinking about the future and feel overwhelmed with life. I promise that it will fill you with hope and positivity; and if nothing else Mark and Amanda will definitely improve your banter skills. Wear those bright, crazy outfits with pride, Betty fans… I know I will.



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