Review of Aladdin The Musical

Enchantingly breathtaking. This brand new West End show is absolutely divine; from the gorgeous colourful costumes to the intricate set designs. Oh and btw, there’s an ACTUAL FLYING CARPET.

This adaption of the Disney classic with a ‘small twist or two’ has arguably a better plot than the film; the comical inclusion of sidekicks Babkak, Omar and Kassim is GENIE-US (they have two of the best songs in the show for sure). The chemistry between Aladdin and Jasmine is spot on, but I think everyone would agree that the star of the show is undoubtably the Genie (played by Trevor Dion Nicholas). He is DAZZLING, a true talent that I would happily pay to watch perform over and over – incredibly hard to believe that this is his West End debut.

The set designs, let me tell you, were insane. The Cave of Wonders was indeed wonderful, with glistening gold features and glowing green eyes. The Palace was pretty snazzy too, with fragile laser cut walls. The best part of the show was undoubtedly the flying carpet ride; it truly looked realistic and magical (I tried to spot any wires and couldn’t!)

The songs are absolutely beautiful. I was taken to this show by my family as a present for my 21st birthday, and decided to listen to the soundtrack before we went…about 2 months before! The songs are still in my head now. I am 100% obsessed. I would even go as far as to say that the new additions outweigh the classics! Disney royalty Alan Menken, Tim Rice and Howard Ashman truly have outdone themselves.


This show is only around for a limited time so please PLEASE go and see it while you still can. With the right mix of laughter, sing-alongs and adventure, this is the best West End show I have ever seen. (Can someone take me to see it again?!)



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