My Topshop/ Wishlist



As a lover of all things girly, I am totally crushing on ALL of these super cute life accessories. and Topshop are my two FAVOURITE shops at the moment (its dangerous online browsing, let me tell you that) and I wanted to share with you all an insight into my style!

These cards from have literally been on my wishlist for SO LONG. The perfect combination of sassy, coloured foil and lovability. Plus I want to make all of these sayings my new catchphrases.

Who loves pompoms?! I thought so. Autumn has officially arrived, and what better way to celebrate than by wearing this adorable hat. IT’S SO GIRLY I LOVE IT.

Idk why I love Unicorns so much; always have, always will. Which is why I need these super cute socks from Topshop.

Rainbow bag. Need I say more? agendas are known to be the most beautiful, satisfying things in the whole world. So when I discovered MATCHING FOLIO CASES, I nearly passed out.

Going back to University, for my final year can be a little daunting. That’s why I need these pencils. With encouraging phrases such as ‘All Heart Eyes On You, Girl’, I can’t help but feel empowered. #girlboss

This confetti phone case just makes me want to party just looking at it. Snap it up from

Pink and blue are my favourite colours rn, so this purse is PERFECT for me.

And finally…Unicorn Heels?!! (Are you sensing a slight theme here?) Aren’t these the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen?!

Let me know if you want more shopping inspiration!



(images sourced from the company websites)


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